Security comes in many forms and is needed for many reasons. Our professional technicians are experienced in all forms of security. Let our experts come to you and put together the right system to protect your home and business. Click on any of the services above for more details.

If you have any doubts on why you need security for both your home and business, take a look at some of the following facts:

  • Sixty-five percent of home buyers are willing to spend more for smart home technology packages. 

  • Each year there are roughly two million home burglaries in the United States. This means that every 13 seconds, a home is broken into around the country. 

  • Only 17% of the homes in the country have any types of security system. 

  • 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. 

  • About 30 percent of all burglaries are though an open or unlocked window or door.  

  • Nearly 66 percent of all burglaries are residential break-ins.

  • Renters are just as likely to be the victims of property crime as homeowners.

  • The highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer months. 

  • Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. 

  • According to the FBI, Home Break-In is the most common threat to our home. 

  • 2,500+ cars stolen per day, which is almost 2 cars a minute. 

  • 1 out of 3 residential assaults are a result in burglary. 

  • 85% of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous. 

  • Insurance agencies can offer discounts up to 20% for auto insurance when a home security system is installed.

  • Home security statistics tell us that 95% of break-ins needed some amount of force to break-in. 

  • Police usually only clear 13% of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence. 

  • July and August are the most frequent months for break-ins. 

  • 2.5 million+ home intrusions are committed each year. 



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