Locksmith Services

Wireless Security

​Access control is designed for areas where need for security is crucial. It protects human life, property and information and provides a safe and comfortable environment by limiting unnecessary access to essential areas such as offices, homes, secured areas, R&D Centers and more.  It limits possible danger or interference from the outside, which helps to maximize work productivity.​


An intelligent video surveillance system is key to helping protect and operate your home and business. Custom Installers Security works closely with leading manufacturers to design smart systems for residential and commercial entities such as retail stores, public arenas, industrial facilities, government buildings, and school systems.

Modern wireless alarm systems are affordable and much easier to set up and maintain than the wired systems of the past.

Smart Systems give you full access and control from your Smartphone, iPad, PC or MAC, for both homes and businesses. These systems provide peace of mind for both home and business owners alike.

A damaged door or lock can have us worrying about our safety when we should  feel secure. Lock repair or replacement can make all of that anxiety and worry disappear in just a few minutes. An easily accessible lock can almost definitely lead to crime. Our experts will repair or recommend the safest locks for your needs.